Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tim Back from Atlanta

FYI, Tim is now back from Atlanta. He was there to attend some work meetings for a few days. While there, he stayed an extra two days to visit our pal Nancy (aka Chia) who lives nearby. You may remember Nancy/Chia from the Supergroup Summit '07 last September.

Nancy and Tim at the World of Coca-Cola. (12/07/2007)
Nancy and Tim at the New World of Coca-Cola. (12/07/2007)

He didn't have a lot of free time there, although he and Nancy did have an opportunity to pay a visit to the New World of Coca-Cola, a museum where visitors can explore the complete story — past present and future — of the world's best known brand. (Actually Tim said it was just okay and that he doesn't need to go back).


Yeti9000 said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! We're hoping to hit Atlanta on our trip out that way next summer, and now we have a new place to add to our "must see" list! Seriously, if Tim said it was "just okay", then I'll probably love it! Ha, ha...just kidding, but the link you provided made it sound like a blast! Can't wait to go!!

Doris said...

The A-T-L is a great city and sadly I had to cancel my trip there in OCT but look forward to my next trip. I did visit the CNN building and took the tour and even got to be a news anchor when I first visited.

TIM said...

Yeah definitely check out the CNN building and the aquarium before the Coke museum. It was one big marketing campaign for coke and all its glorious products.

The best part was tasting all the Coke products from around the world. By far, I think my favorite continent was Asia. The drinks were light and not very sweet. On the other hand, the Latin American drinks were just bad. They had flavors which were totally foreign to me.

Beverly - an Italian drink was the worst. It's the only one where I actually dumped the rest of the drink and didn't finish it.

Disappointingly, although you could taste all these products, you couldn't buy any to take home with you. Wouldn't that be amazing to take a six-pack home, from all around the world?!?!?