Monday, January 09, 2006

Resistance is Futile

Meet Ella. My new iPod. Yep, I have officially joined the iPod collective.

Actually our iPod revolution began last April when Tim got his iPod and we decided to standardize on one platform. Since then we had been sharing the one iPod between us. But thanks to a bonus check from work, as well as some Christmas money, I was finally able to get my own.

Ella sits in her new kickstand case, making it easy to watch videos, like the Eurythmics video currently on screen. (01/15/06)

Incidentally, one benefit of being such a late adopter was that I was able to get the newest generation iPod that plays videos! :)

1 comment:

Laura Gonzalez said...

Welcome to the darkside. I see you got a black one too. Way cool. I don't really need my iPod to play videos, but I wish I oculd update my damn computer to play the videos on itunes. I'm having issues....

Anyway, welcome to the club!