Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas with Tom & Christine

We finally had a chance to have our Christmas exchange with Tom and Christine. In previous years, we used to find a day before Christmas to hook up and exchange gifts. But the last couple of years, everyone has been so busy during December, that we've been postponing until January.

James uncovers the expertly-wrapped calendar. (01/07/06)

Tom and Christine made the drive down this time, since they wanted to use the Claim Jumper gift card they received from one of Tom's sets of grandparents (there are no Claim Jumper restaurants near Burbank, although there are several in Orange County).

Tim thinks about his next bowl of punch. (01/07/06)

Just to make it a little more special, we decided to go down to the one in Costa Mesa, which is nicer than the others. Since there was a wait, we got to do some shopping at the Sanrio store.

Christine opens the box to see the electronic version of her current obsession: Sudoku! (01/07/06)

Then we came back to play games and exchange gifts. Tim got a punch recipe book and an iTunes gift certificate. I got a Broadway musical poster calendar and the new Bo Bice CD. We gave Christine the new Neil Young CD and an electronic hand-held Sudoku game (Christine's latest obsession). We gave Tom the new Wizard of Oz 4-DVD boxed set.

Tom's eyes glow with excitement upon finding the 4-DVD Wizard of Oz boxed set. (01/07/06)

Now only two more Christmases to go until we're done. Keep reading the blog for updates!

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Christine said...

The electronic sudoku is a hit! I can't stop playing it!