Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

Sorry about not updating the blog in a while. As you regular blog readers know (all two of you), I go through a dry spell every once in a while.

We hosted a smallish party at our house for new year's eve, which was lots of fun. Joining us was our pals Jon & Amy, their friend (and our new friend) Sabrina, Jason and Carolina (also a co-worker of Tim) who brought along her new boyfriend Todd.

Jon captured this picture of us with his new camera. Pretty good, I must admit. (12/31/05)

We mostly just ate and played games — Mexican Train Dominos, Scattegories and Time's Up —. At about a quarter to midnight, we put Dick Clark on started pouring our champagne toasts (a nice bottle of Moët & Chandon White Star that we got as a Christmas gift from one of Tim's co-workers).

Our floor immediately after midnight. (01/01/06)

Of course Jon and Amy had to bring along all these confetti-tossing devices that everyone used at midnight (I was mostly concerned with making sure I didn't get any confetti in my champagne). The place was a mess! Even though we cleaned it up shortly thereafter, you know we're going to find confetti for months to come.

Tim couldn't take the mess, so when the rest of us were playing games, Tim swept the confetti mess. (01/01/06)

While I was glad that everyone pitched in to clean up, I wasn't so happy that while I was in another room for a few minutes that someone got a little overzealous in their cleaning and poured out my glass of champagne that I had left on the table (and that's like 30 bucks a bottle!). At least I got a couple of sips in at midnight.

Have a great 2006 everybody!

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