Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hangin' With Li'l Sis and Bro

We had a great time hanging out with my little sister Anna and little brother JP during the weekend. They are a handfull sometimes, but always fun.

Every trip, we try to take Anna out on some sort of adventure — something she doesn't get to do very often. Most of the time, we just take her to the movies. But this time, as a way to break things up, we took her roller skating — her very first time!

James escort's Anna for another trip around the Golden Skate rink. (01/22/06)

The location was the Golden Skate, which is the same rink I used to go to when I was a kid. I was surprised to see that it was still around, in fact. Anna didn't do too bad skating. She only fell seven times (she kept track).

I can't wait until John Paul is old enough to join us. He always seems to entertain us. The amount of fun a kid can have with a cardboard box is beyond me.

As you would expect, John Paul had more fun playing with the box rather than what was inside. (01/22/06)

No matter how you dice it, we enjoy being big brothers.


Laura Gonzalez said...


What a nice older brother you are!

I realize your dad may not be up to taking them to "fun" places, but how about the mom??

Butterfly Queen said...

I think I told you I grew up in Livermore, so when you said Golden Skate, I was immediately catapulted back to the days of roller skate parties - backwards skating, holding hands, video games... ahh, youthful innocence.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! But I'm shocked the staff at the Golden Skate let JP ride around the rink in that box! Yikes...seems very dangerous!