Saturday, January 14, 2006

Liele's Downtown Disney Adventure

My cousin Michele, her partner Lisa, and their daughter Liele are in Southern California this weekend for Michele's god-daughter's Sweet 16 birthday party. We met up with them Friday evening at Goofy's Kitchen — a character dining experience restaurant in Downtown Disney. We thought it would be a fun Disney experience without actually paying admission for Disneyland itself. Plus we finally had a chance to give everyone their Christmas presents. We had a great time and took some fun pictures, as you can see.

Minnie stops by to pose with Liele. (01/13/06)

Liele shares a moment with Chip. What I found most interesting was that Liele didn't seem to think there was anything odd about a giant chipmunk. (01/13/06)

See? Contrary to popular belief, Tim really does like kids. He just doesn't want one full time. (01/13/06)

As you can see Liele is reacting wildly to the "I Love You" Elmo Christmas present we gave her. (01/13/06)

Tim, Michele and James mug for the camera. (01/13/06)

Liele and Mama Lisa get ready to call it a night after a fun night at Downtown Disney. (01/13/06)

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