Monday, April 25, 2005

Tim and James Update for April

Sorry for not having updated the blog in over a week. It seems I haven’t had much time at all lately. And the scary part is, I don’t know where the time has gone! :-)

The best picture I could get of Simon and Flossie together. (04/25/05)

A few brief hits:

  • Simon’s girlfriend Flossie has been staying with us a few days (the black dog in the picture above). Flossie belongs to our pals Jon and Amy who are on vacation right now in Santa Fe. We often dog-sit for each other, since our dogs get along really well (for the most part). Once in a while Simon will forget that he’s fixed and try to mount her. But she puts a stop to that right away by laying down. Who would have ever thought lying down would make the male dog stop?! Oh well.

  • We finally booked our flights and hotel for our vacation to Montréal and Québec City this September. We’re going with our friends Doris & Jenn from Santa Cruz and are looking forward to it very much. I’ve wanted to do a trip to French Canada for about 10 years now, and now we have finally made the arrangements.

  • The hallway renovation is progressing quite nicely. We are now done with all the walls, doors, door trim and cabinet doors. The only stuff we have left to do is install the can lights, paint the ceiling and have the crown moulding and baseboards installed. Most of that we probably won’t do ourselves, except possibly painting the ceiling. We tried doing baseboards once, and we majorly sucked at it.

  • James got some sort of throat/nose bug and has been sick the last two days. Stayed home from work on Monday. No fun at all, although it’s been a great chance to get caught up on the hours and hours of backlogged TV shows on the TiVo.

  • Tim has been busy busy busy with his new Project Management Leadership class he’s taking in addition to working full time. He’s a trooper, what can I say?

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Loren Javier said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well, James. But, I know how it is to be able to catch up on all you have TiVO'd. I used to have the TiVO record stuff based on what I like, but it got to be too overwhelming. Even with the stuff that I have on season pass, sometimes its impossible to watch it all.