Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More Home Improvement

Well, we’ve gotten the home improvement bug again. And for those who know me best, you know that really means that Tim has gotten the home improvement bug again. = )

This time the project is the hallway, which you would think would be an easy process. After all, it’s only a matter of peeling wallpaper, slapping on a new coat of paint and replacing a light fixture. But like any project in our home, it ends up taking twice as long as you would expect.

The first problem: wallpaper glue. The wallpaper itself came off with relative ease. The glue, however was another problem. We tried DIF wallpaper remover. We tried the organic wallpaper remover enzyme stuff. We tried Xycol solvent. We tried turpentine. Nothing scarcely penetrated that 40-year-old wallpaper glue.

But you’ll never guess what actually did work: Tim’s exfoliating gloves! Just put the gloves on, get them a little wet with the wallpaper remover, and after some steady, forceful rubbing, it starts to make a difference.

Door casing after removing 40 years worth of paint. (04/06/05)

The next step was stripping the 40 years worth of paint off the door casings. You would think some basic paint stripper would do the trick. Try like four applications of paint stripper. We actually had anticipated being done with the painting by now, but we haven’t even started.

And then there’s the light fixture. You’d think we can simply replace the fixture. But now the plan is to install recessed can lighting.

But I’ve got to give some mad respect to our roommate Joe, our friend Everett and most of all, Tim, for kicking butt today on their day off (I still had to work). Stay tuned for the conclusion of Hallway Improvement 2005.


Laura Gonzalez said...

I'm not sure if I posted this on my blog, but we're doing some remodeling too. We took off the ugly white tile with brown grout counters and put in granite tile. K still has to put in the backsplash of this funky cool fish-colored slate. Hopefully that will happen this weekend. When it's donw I'll take some pix and post them. Next year's tax return will begin the ripping out of carpet and putting in tile.

You still have to come to my house sometime!

Loren said...

Okay...the fact that somebody has exfoliating gloves...I'm not going to say it, but you know how many letters are in the word. :)

Sounds like you all are having a blast doing some renovations. I wish I had the home improvement bug. The only time I really get into it is watching "Trading Spaces" or "While You Were Out" (Evan Farmer = HOT).