Friday, April 01, 2005

Karaoke Calls

Our good friend Tom turned 36 today, and after pizza, beer and cake at their house, we headed off to Dimples, the “first karaoke club in America.” Dimples is located in beautiful downtown Burbank, adjacent to Warner Brothers and NBC Studios. It’s named after the Shirley Temple film.

Tom turns 36 — talk about a "Ring of Fire"! (4/1/05)

The place was packed, and it took a LONG time for them to call your name after you signed up. But we did manage to squeeze one group performance in: Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” which sounds like an easy song to sing … until you get up there. There were about 7 of us altogether.

(Tim sat this one out. He refuses to do Karaoke ever since my company Christmas party in 1998 when after he sang “I Got You Babe” with my friend Joan, my boss Catherine commented that the next year she was going to pay him $20 not to sing.)

Having a blast at Dimples. (4/1/05)

Despite our bad singing, the bar management gave Tom the star birthday treatment, with a round of champagne for the table, a free DVD of our performance, and color photos of a very unique toast where his wife Christine — in front of everyone in the bar — took a drink from a strategically-located shot glass. ‘Nuff said.


Loren said...

I've been to Dimples before! What fun!

Laura Gonzalez said...

That picture is just WRONG.