Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Magna Sofa

The latest addition to the household is the new sofa — nearly four months in the making. We decided we needed a new one shortly after moving into our house almost four years ago. But with other priorities higher on the list, we didn’t really have the resources to really start looking until earlier this year.

The new giant sofa ... with room for five! (04/12/05)

Then came the arduous task of actually determining what we wanted. We knew we wanted something bigger. Our last sofa could fit two people comfortably. But if we wanted to sit three people, one person would invariably end up sitting on the gap between the two main sofa cushions. Needless to say it wasn’t very suitable for entertaining.

Actually finding the sofa was easy. In fact we picked the style during our very first trip to Ethan Allen. Determining what fabric we wanted it to be upholstered with was where it got tricky. We went back and forth on it and finally settled on a dark green pattern with hints of red, brown and orange. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all.

We finally placed the order about six weeks ago, and today it finally arrived. And the thing is monstrous. It can easily fit five! You guys will have to come see it.


Loren said...

Nice couch. I think you picked just the right fabric if the picture of the room is any indication. Congrats!

Michele said...

can't wait to try the sofa...