Thursday, April 28, 2005

James' Last Day at Newport Gateway

This weekend James' company makes the move from Irvine to Carlsbad. And since I'm taking Friday off for the camping trip (more on that on my Sunday update), today was my last day working in the beautiful Newport Gateway Center. It was the first campus-style business environment where I've worked, complete with onsite restaurant, deli-style sandwich shop, florist, salon, copy center, ATM (from my own bank, no less), shoe-shine stand, gym, Nordstrom's piano player during lunch hours and after work, covered parking lot, etc. (Sigh)

Farewell Newport Gateway Center. (04/10/05)

In case you're curious, our office is in the tower on the right, on the 6th floor out of 13 (they actually call the 13th floor the "14th Floor" .... oooh, that would make me feel less superstitious).

I'm actualy making a bigger deal out of it as it is. I seldom ate at the overpriced sit-down restaurant (although to be fair, it was great food). I never used the salon. I've never actually seen anyone running the shoe-shine stand. And let's not even kid ourselves that I used the gym.

I will miss the sandwich shop and the ATM, both of which were very convenient.

I guess what I'll miss most is the commute — half-hour in the morning, and 45 minutes going home. The commute to Carlsbad will be an hour each way for me now, albeit I'll only be doing it three days a week instead of five.

The new office building in Carlsbad. (4/2/05)

The new building in Carlsbad, although nice, is simply an unassuming two-story office building, with nothing but offices onsite. How quickly you get spoiled by an on-site sandwich shop and ATM. But the good news for me (and bad news for my credit card) is that it's right near the Carlsbad Premium Outlets! :)

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Loren Javier said...

I've not worked in a campus-style work environment, but I've visited people who do and they are cool.

But, I, for one, do not sympathize with the expanded commute...because, I already commute one hour a day.