Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Strange Supermarket Find

While stopping by our local Ralph’s Supermarket to pick up drinks for the guys helping with our hallway project, I came across the strangest find: American Idol Coke Bottles.

Could this Season 1 American Idol coke bottle be expired? (04/06/05)

Now, mind you, I don’t think American Idol Coke Bottles in and of themselves are strange. After all, Coca-Cola is a major American Idol sponsor, as evidenced those cups that are always in front of Randy, Paula and Simon (even though evidently there is no Coke in them, as revealed by the time Ryan Seacrest dumped what clearly was water on Simon).

What was strange about this was that it featured participants from Season 1 dating back to 2002! For an American Idol devotee like myself, who has never missed one performance or results show (not including the early audition episodes), the folks are clearly recognizable. RJ Helton. Tamyra Gray. Nikki McKibben. Justin Guarini. And miss original American Idol Kelly Clarkson.

But would other American Idol viewers who aren’t nearlyas psychotic as I am even remember them? I immediately called my friend Tom, who also thought it was strange. He also warned me to stay away from any snacks featuring Jar Jar Binks or scenes from the first Harry Potter movie! :)

Actually I’m thinking there probably is a logical reason for doing something that dates all the way back to season 1. I’m thinking that they’re probably coming out with bottles for every season for the next few weeks, ending with the current season (#4).

Either way, the bottles became a must-have item for me.

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Loren said...

You lucky duck! I want an American Idol collectors Coke Bottle! You get everything and I get nothing because I'm a woman. Er...sorry. I drifted into The Birdcage for a moment.

I just can't wait for the William Hung collector's bottle. :)