Saturday, November 24, 2007

James & Tim Get Published on Wikipedia

If our buddy Tom can boast about having his photo being published on Schmap, then I suppose it opens the doors for us to brag about how one of our photos was chosen to be published on Wikipedia. For the handful of people who don't know what Wikipedia is, it's a free online encyclopedia and also the largest general reference work currently available on the Internet.

Our photo is the #2 position on The Hat's Wikipedia entry.
Our photo is the #2 position on The Hat's Wikipedia entry.

The published photo is of a neon sign in front of The Hat, a southern California fast-food restaurant specializing in pastrami sandwiches. The photo, which I snapped at the Lake Forest location, can be currently seen in the #2 position of The Hat's Wikipedia article.

This all started when we were contacted by a fella named Bruce, who had seen the pic on our Flickr Page. He asked if we would like to donate the photo to the Wikipedia article. Why not, we thought. So we did.

Here's the the photo that got published. (12/2006)
Here's the photo that got published. (12/2006)

It's not the first time one of our photos had a claim to fame. Click here to read about the time one of our photos were reproduced on publicly-displayed artwork at Disney's California Adventure theme park, or the time, or click here to read about when several of our photos were reproduced for public artwork at Disneyland itself. Yet despite those earlier instances, this is still fun!

One last thing: If you were wondering why I even took the photo, it was for our blog entry about my first time eating at The Hat. click here to read the original post.

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Yeti9000 said...

That is so cool, man!!! I always loved that picture of yours too...haven't eaten there myself yet, but dying to try it!

And thanks for telling me what that new, up-and-coming website Wikipedia is all, I have another question, did "A New Hope" come before or after "The Empire Strikes Back"? :)