Sunday, November 04, 2007

Early Thanksgiving in the Desert

We went out to the desert to visit Tim's family again — our first time out there together since April. Although it was an enjoyable weekend, it wasn't exactly newsworthy. The biggest news was the new IHOP that opened up in town.

We went to the new IHOP in town. (11/03/07)
We went to the new IHOP in town. (11/03/07)

This was exciting news for pancake connoisseur Tim, who convinced his family to go there for breakfast (not always an easy prospect since Tim's family usually only eats out on special occasions). As always, Tim was an excellent syrup sommelier, expertly pairing each variety of pancake with a corresponding syrup varietal.

Later that afternoon we had a mini Thanksgiving, since we'll be with my family during the actual Thanksgiving. (Conversely, Tim's family gets us for Christmas — can you think of two better Christmas presents than us?!) :)

Instead of turkey, we had rotisserie chicken, since it was only four of us. But everything else was 100% pure Thanksgiving, from the mashed potatoes and gravy, to Tim's mom's amazing stuffing, which I enjoyed immensely. We'll be back for more at Christmas!


Doris said...

Looks like you were watching Jimmie Johnson race to his 2nd NASCAR Championship to go along with that great precurser to Thanksgiving. Go Jimmie!

Tom said...

In response to your question: "Can you think of two better Christmas presents than" you and Tim? I'd probably say no.

But just in case, I'd like a couple of gift receipts please... =)