Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend in NoCal

For the first time since January, I had a chance to visit my family in Northern California. Tim wasn't able to make it this weekend, but since I had other relatives from Mexico and the U.K. visiting there, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go.

Malena's neice Ana Lisette, age 8, and little sister Anna Ruth, age 7. (07/08/06)

It was a short trip; just Friday and Saturday night. (I don't have any vacation days left). Anna's cousin Ana, from Madera, was also visiting. So were Malena's parents from Mexico, Tio Tomas and Tia Lupe, whom I hadn't seen in 15 years. Oh yeah, and my older brother Robert was there too, "fixing" my dad's computer. It was a full house!

John Paul, age 2. (07/08/06)

John Paul is getting bigger by the second. And he's talking now. His vocabulary isn't huge, but he's getting there. And he loves to dance to Anna's Bryan Adams CD (the music from Spirit).

Back: Malena & Dad. Front: Malena's parents, Tio Tomas and Tia Lupe. (07/08/06)

Besides the party I went to on Sunday (I'll write about that separately), we didn't do a whole lot. I did take Anna and Ana to go see Cars on Sunday, which they had wanted to see (actually I think I wanted to see it more). The Saturday movie has become a tradition now, with Anna looking forward to it every time I come. And I'm always happy to oblige.

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