Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Vacation Pix

We've been back from our Virgin Islands vacation for more than a month, and we finally remembered to take in our waterproof cameras for developing. The pictures were just okay. Here are some of the better ones.

Some of the many fishes we saw off Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. (06/16/06)

Now this is one scary sea creature! :) (06/16/06)

This one would make one heck of a Filet O'Fish! (06/16/06)

James and Tim drink their Voodoo Juice in the pool. (06/16/06)


amy said...

mmmmm...voodoo juice sounds yummy. is there such a thing as a voodoo sanchez?

Laura Gonzalez said...

why are you swimming in your clothes?

James & Tim said...

Those are those 50 SPF sunblock shirts ... the kind that you see a lot of surfers wear when they don't need a full wetsuit.