Monday, July 10, 2006

Diego's 1st Birthday Party

I happened to coincide my visit with that of my cousin Dianne and Fernando, who came to the U.S. from London to have their son's baptism and first birthday party. The baptism was on Saturday in Sacramento, with the birthday party the next day in Redwood City at Dianne's friend Jovita's house.

The birthday boy with Daddy Fernando. (07/09/06)

It was a great opportunity to catch up with a whole bunch of relatives without visiting them individually, which, given the numbers, is physically impossible in one weekend. In addition to meeting Dianne's son Diego for the first time, I was also excited about seeing my cousins Michele and Lisa's daughter Liele (the one who was born on my birthday). And coincidentally I also met for the first time my cousin Olga's baby Juliet, who was also born on my birthday (just five minutes apart from Liele).

Cousin Michele, Lisa and Liele. (07/09/06)

Malena wasn't feeling too well, so she stayed home with John Paul and her parents, while my dad and I took Anna and Ana, who were looking forward to swimming in Jovita's swimming pool. That was where we saw one of the most entertaining spectacles ever. Jovita's dog Daisy just loves jumping onto a floating raft, then jumping into the water, swimming out, and then repeating the whole process. It was hilarious!

Daisy, the incredible diving dog entertains the party guests. (07/09/06)

They had some great food. BBQ chicken, tri-tip, hot dogs and all the accoutrements that go along with it, like potato salad, etc. Afterward there was cake (which Diego got all over himself), followed by presents, which Diego hardly payed any attention to after opening the first one.

Evidence of our family's recent baby boom: Olga & Juliet, Dianne and Diego and Michele and Liele. (07/09/06)

Afterward, my dad drove me directly to the Oakland airport where I caught my flight home. The trip was quick, but lots of fun.

Dianne, James, Diego, Lisa, Caroline, Olga and Juliet. (07/09/06)

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