Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day at the OC Fair

We had planned to spend the last Sunday of the month hosting a small pool party at our house. As it turned out, the weather was kind of cloudy (or so we thought it would be). Instead, we got together with our friends Jon and Amy and went to the OC Fair. It was our first time there since 2002, and things were pretty much exactly the same now as they were then. Rather than bore you with a description, we'll just post a few photo highlights.

Jon and Amy pose with the winner of our semi-annual four-way Euroslide competition. (07/30/06)

The hot food item: the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Chicken Sandwich (and the answer to the question everyone is wondering is "Yes"). (07/30/06)

Amy gets a sales pitch from the hot tub vendor. (07/30/06)

Amy and James get their handwriting analyzed. (07/30/06)

Tim can never resist a funnel cake. (07/30/06)


amy said...

i have been waking up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming ever since the fair. all that fried food dances in my head and i start to feel whhozy! the krispy creme chicken sandwich rocked my world though!

Butterfly Queen said...

Wow... I thought the fried Oreos and such were bad enough.

Laura Gonzalez said...

Ihop has funnel cakes.

Laura Gonzalez said...

I spent a few days at the SoCo fair, but didn't really see anything beyond the Democrat booth. The fair is NOT my thing.

Laura Gonzalez said...

"the answer to the question everyone is wondering is "Yes."

Which question?
1. Was it as gross as I imagine?
2. Did you toss your cookies?
3. Did you love it?
4. Did your ticker just about give out from the fat and cholesterol that you foisted upon it?
5. Did you go back for more?