Saturday, July 08, 2006

Missed Us? We've been on eBay.

In case you've been wondering why Tim and I haven't posted anything to our blog lately, I can pretty much sum it up with one word: eBay.

Panorama Magazine (Spain) from 1990, featuring Madonna in Madrid. Sold for $52.

For years we had been holding onto junk that we didn't really want anymore so that we could ultimately sell it on eBay. And since we've finally run out of storage space, we finally decided that it is time for the stuff to go.

36th Annual Grammy Awards Pass from 1994. Peter Max illustration. Sold for $20.50.

So for the last couple of weeks, when we haven't been at work, we've been working at sorting through junk, photographing, writing descriptions, posting auctions and shipping the stuf once it sells. (Well, we've been busy with that as well as a bunch of family and friend visits, as well as a weekend trip to San Ramon, which I'll write about soon).

July 17, 2005 Special Release 50th Anniversary Golden Ears. Sold for $11.50.

We do plan on catching up with the blog again very soon. In the meantime I thought you might seeing some highlights from some of the junk we've been selling, as well as the final selling price (not including shipping). Go ahead and laugh. We have been!

Used Pearl Jam T-shirt From Mid 1990s. Sold for $11.50.

2000 Honda Civic Owner's Manual. Sold for $10.51.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding for Men Book. Sold for $5.

Showtime Guide, October 1980. Sold for $2.75.

Luke Skywalker Die Cast Key Chain. Did not sell (with $2 minimum bid, too).


Butterfly Queen said...

No one wanted the keychain??? WTF is that about? lol

amy said...

whoops! i posted my keychain comment under the comments for citizenship. maybe a luke skywalker keychain should be required for US citizenship. Or, maybe knowing how to write blog comments should be. :O(

alicia said...

butterfly took the word right out of my mouth...what is this world coming to?