Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Visit to Chino Hills

We didn't really have anything planned for Labor Day itself, so we took a drive to Chino Hills, where Tim used to live before we met. He hadn't been out that way in six or seven years and was curious to see how the area had changed. Needless to say, since it's one of those outlying cities, it has changed quite a bit.

We drove by Tim's old house — the first house he bought. At the time it was only $163,000. Nowadays homes in that neighborhood sell in the high $400,000 to low $500,000 range.

Tim's old house in Chino Hills. (09/05/05)

We also went to Bravo Burger, Tim's favorite fast food drive-thru during his Chino Hills years. We stopped to get one of his favorite menu side items: fried zucchini.

For old time's sake, we got Tim's favorite zucchini fries at his then-favorite drive-thru. (09/05/05)

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Loren Javier said...

Tim looks so excited to have his picture taken eating his zucchini fries... :)

mmm...zucchini fries...