Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Heading Home

Yesterday I headed back home via Southwest. Since it was a daytime flight, I made sure to secure a window seat on the right side of the plane. It's the best spot to secure great views of San Francisco and other landmarks. Plus, when you fly into John Wayne airport, you can usually see our house as it approaches Orange County.

The view of San Francisco from the plane. You can see downtown, Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate bridge near the top. (09/19/05) [Click the image for a higher resolution photo]

This time, however, I was flying into Bob Hope Airport in Burbank since I got such a great fare, it made the extra hour drive worth it. It actually was fun, since I hadn't flown out of/into Burbank airport in at least seven years.

Santa Cruz from 30,000 feet. (09/19/05) [Click the image for a higher resolution photo]

I like it because it's so much more convenient than LAX. It doesn't even have jetways — you have to walk down the stairs. Every time I de-plane there, I always pretend that I'm the President.

I always like to pretend I'm the President every time I step off a plane at the Burbank Airport, which does not use jetways. (09/19/05)

It's actually a pretty cool airport with a lot of history. In its 75-year history, it's been used many times by many aviation pioneers, including Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh.

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Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't get a pix of yourself waving as the president as you de boarded