Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dinner with My Cousins

Sunday night I met up with my cousins to have dinner and watch the Emmys. Here's a few pictures from the evening.

Shel and Lisa's friend Lyne barbecues pork tenderloin while cousin Ralphie and his dog Dozer look on. (09/18/05)

Ralphie and Dozer pose in the newly-remodeled backyard. (09/18/05)

Lisa, Ralphie, Liele, Michele and Lynne about to delve into homemade spinach soup. (09/18/05)

Liele admiring the strange little metallic box I held up to my face that made a bright flash. (09/18/05)


Loren said...

But, the question is...what did you think of the Emmy's?

Anonymous said...

it was great seeing you. im so glad you called to visit.