Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Five Days in San Ramon

Visiting my family was fun, as always. And since my stepmom Malena cooks everything from scratch and only uses very healthy ingredients, it's a nice chance to detox from all the junk food I had the past two days (see the Bob's Big Boy Adventure post).

Walking Anna to school. (09/19/05)

The weekend wasn't necessarily exciting, but it was very pleasant. I didn't do a lot except spend time with family. I got to take Anna to school on Friday and Monday. I also took her to the movie theater, which she loves. Out of the choices I gave her, she selected Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We both enjoyed it.

The mischievous John Paul, who's always getting into anything and everything he can. (09/17/05)

On Saturday, my brother came down from Sacramento to make a surprise appearance. It was a nice surprise, since I hadn't seen him in person since Christmas. He brought along his roommate Perry and his dog Chuck. We even took Chuck to the nearby dog park (for about five minutes until Chuck wanted out).

My brother Robert, his roommate Perry (in the hat) and Robert's dog Chuck. Behind them, in the distance, is Mt. Diablo, with its 3,849-foot summit. (09/17/05)

That night Malena made one of my favorite dishes: Pozole. It's kind of like a stew, with a red chile broth, chunks of pork and hominy corn, upon which you add lemon juice, chopped cabbage, chopped onion and oregano. It's goo-oo-ood!

She also made fresh candied almonds, which were fantastic!

My brothers, big and little. John Paul thinks a toothbrush is a toy. (09/17/05)

We also made a trip to San Jose where we visited my Aunt Nicky and her friend Margaret. Since my dad was there with me, he took me to the cemetary where my grandma and grandpa are buried (I knew the cemetary was in San Jose, but never knew where it was). I hadn't been there in probably 15 years or more. It was nice to pay my respects.

My Dad, my Aunt Nicky, Margaret (with her dog Cuddles in her basket) and Anna in San Jose. (09/18/05)

Also in the same cemetary are my Uncle Sebas (Aunt Nicky's husband who died nearly 30 years ago), family friend Augie (Margaret's husband) and two of my cousins Greg and Richie (Aunt Nicky's sons). The day before we also went to the cemetary where my mom is buried and took her some flowers.

But the most fun I had was playing with my little sister and brother, Anna (age 6) and John Paul (age 1.5). They both get visibly bigger every time I see them. John Paul cracks me up. He's definitely hitting his mischievous stage!

John Paul in one of those seemingly rare moments when he's asleep. (09/19/05)


Loren said...

Sorry we weren't able to get together when you were up here. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Anonymous said...

boy the kids are getting big. you need to visit more often.