Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Green St. Patrick's Day for James' Employer

St. Patrick's Day green had a new meaning at the software company for which James works. That day marked the official closing of its Series A Venture Funding round, which has been a big undertaking at the company in recent months. The lenthy legal process finally came to a close on Wednesday night, with the actual transfer of funds on St. Patrick's Day morning.

An exciting day at the Irvine software company that James works for. (2005)

What this means is that the market the company serves is so ripe with potential that the company was able to get two big-time investors on board to help grow the company — a very difficult task since the technology bubble collapse about five years ago. Currently the company plans to use part of the new funds to double the size of its staff from the current 25 employees to more than 50 by the end of the year, which is pretty exciting.

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