Sunday, March 20, 2005

Grandma Helen Update

Here's some news we wish we didn't have to post: We learned on Thursday that Tim's grandma Helen, age 85, had a stroke and was in the ICU. This is Tim's grandma on his Mom's side, the one that lives in Buffalo, NY.

This news has been very distressing, although there is some progress to report. The initial reports we received indicated she had no consciousness. Since then, thankfully, she has regained consciousness and recognizes family members.

From what we understand, her speech is still somewhat affected and there has been some paralysis on her left side, which we hope is temporary. A good indicator came the other day when she was able to lift her left arm six inches off her chest. We'll know more about the extent of her condition in coming days. In the meantime, please keep her recovery in your thoughts and prayers.


Loren said...

1) I'm so sorry to hear about Tim's grandmother. Please tell Tim that I my thoughts are with him. My grandmother (also on my mom's side) has been dealing with health problems as well...not as serious as a stroke, but I know how he probably feels right now.

2) Exciting news!

3) I'm thinking of a word that starts with a "g," ends with a "y," and has an "a" somewhere in there. And, that's a good thing...

Laura Gonzalez said...

Sorry about your grandma Tim. I hope it all goes well.