Saturday, March 05, 2005

Another year bites the dust

Another birthday has once again come and gone. Despite my original plan of taking the day off, I ended up going to work that day (I just had too much to do). That night Tim, Joe and our friend Everett took me out to dinner at my favorite BBQ restaurant, Johnny Reb's (location of the picture shown below).

James and Tim raise their glasses to toast James' birthday. (03/04/05)

We took that picture especially for this blog, since SOMEONE complained that we didn't post enough current pictures of us (and you know who I'm talking about, cousin Anita!). So here is a pic that's not more than 31 hours old at the time of this posting.

A larger party had originally been planned for today, but we postponed it a week due to nearly half of the guest list being out of town for a funeral (see posting dated 03/03/05 about Tomás Nomás). So today Tim, Everett and I went shopping at the outlet in Cabazon instead. After we dropped Everett back off, our friends Jon and Amy came over, where the four of us and Joe had dinner at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Afterward, we played a killer game of Scrabble, where Tim actually won! =)

Tomorrow, we're doing Sunday brunch at the ritzy Orange Hill Restaurant.

Wow — dinner yesterday, shopping today, brunch tomorrow, party next week — this is turning out to be a week-long event. I guess I take after my Mom, who always celebrated her "birthday month" every August! :)


Loren said...

Happy belated birthday to both you and Chastity Bono. ;o)

James & Tim said...

I always thought it was cool that my mom and Cher were giving birth on the same day. I guess it's the one bond that will forever link them (that and they each had pretty cool kids) ;)

Anita said...

Thank you, my Darlings, for the current photo of you two ... and the lovely (ahem) mention of being the one to "complain."

I prefer to think that I coyly "suggested" the addition, but it doesn't matter, as the end result is what I hoped for! You look great, and I appreciate it.

Love you!

P.S. You failed to mention your tender age this last birthday, Cousin James ... were you born in 1969?

Louise said...

Happy belated birthday, James!
When I see the fun you guys have, I wish I was in CA more often. I'll have to plan my next visit around one of your events!
Tim - still coming to NY?