Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Move Over David Hasselhoff

My rise to fame in Germany is continuing at meteoritic speed. Less than a month after one of my photos was published on a German website about celebrity graves, another one of my photos has caught their eye. If this keeps up, I'll be, as Tom put it, "the David Hasselhoff of shutterbugs."

Our photo of the David O. Selznick grave on the website. (09/09/2008)
Our photo of the David O. Selznick grave on the website. (09/09/2008)

This time the requested photo was of the grave belonging to David O. Selznick, legendary Hollywood producer of such cinematic classics as Rebecca and Gone With the Wind. I'm not sure why the webmaster passed over my photos of such A-list graves as Clark Gable, Bette Davis or Walt Disney, and opted for the less famous Telly Savalas and the behind-the-scenes movie mogul Selznick. I guess it's kind of like the French and their affinity for Jerry Lewis.

The full-size photo of the David O. Selznick grave. (02/10/2008)
The full-size photo of the David O. Selznick grave. (02/10/2008)

Oh well, either way, I'm happy to contribute. If you care to, check out the Selznick article.

Ich bin ein Berliner!


Anonymous said...

Wow, dude, that is so cool! In honor of this rare honor, I've decided to compose a tribute sentence using as many titles of David O. Selznick-produced films as possible. Here goes...

Wow, James, sounds like all of Germany is "Spellbound" by your photos. You could ask yourself "What price, Hollywood?" but I'd say you've spun the "Roulette" wheel hard, played "The Most Dangerous Game" and proven yourself to not only be one of the greatest "Men of America", but probably "The Third Man" to be so celebrated in such a way in Germany.

You and those kick-ass Germans seem truly "Made For Each Other" and if you ask me, "Little Lord Fauntleroy", I'd say "A Star Is Born" in Orange, baby!

Congrats and as always, "I'll Be Seeing You"... :)

Laura said...

How did you find out it was used?

Anonymous said...

Were you/are you a doughnut?????

That is the translation of your German phrase, I know Pres Kennedy used it first, but the correct phrase is Ich bin Berliner!
I am a Berliner!

James said...


Actually the webmaster contacted me and asked permission to use it, and I said that would be fine. Otherwise I doubt I would have ever known.


That's hilarious! I actually really like doughnuts, so I don't mind at all saying that I am one! :)

James said...


I was going to say something about your post, and now I forgot what it was. I guess what I was going to say was "Gone with the Wind!" :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! That'll do...