Friday, September 05, 2008

A Tribute to Pecos

Some unfortunate news. We learned today that our pals Ryan and Laura had to put their beloved cat Pecos to sleep today. Pecos had been ill with kidney failure and had gotten progressively worse. I know it was very difficult for Ryan and Laura because Pecos was a very special cat to them. He was a special cat to me too, since he once was my cat too.

Pecos. (12/27/2007)
Pecos. (12/27/2007)

It was 1995 when I decided to get a cat. I had befriended another tenant in the apartment building I lived in at the time. I can't remember her name for the life of me right now, but I do remember that she dated Dwight Yoakam for a while.

Anyway, she had three or four cats, including one that just had a litter of kittens. She invited me to her apartment to play with the kittens, and I couldn't resist taking one home. Only one male and one female were still available. I chose the male because he seemed adventurous, while his sister was much shyer.

Pecos, left, with his big sis Sumatra, right. (11/09/2006)
Pecos, left, with his big sis Sumatra, right. (11/09/2006)

I had him for a couple of months. As it turned out, however, I wasn't a very good cat papa. I was single and had a job that required long hours. Subsequently, Pecos would be home alone all day. In addition, my job also required travel. During a trip to Dallas that year, I left him at Tom and Christine's so they could cat sit.

When I got back, they had a heart-to-heart with me, letting me know that I wasn't taking very good care of Pecos. He had fleas and worms, and didn't have any other cats or people to play with all day. Ryan and Laura were willing to adopt him, and so they did.

Pecos naps with big sister Sumatra. (11/08/2006)
Pecos naps with big sister Sumatra. (11/08/2006)

It was one of those things that turned out to be the best move for everyone. Pecos now had a wonderful home where he was cared for and loved for the rest of his life. He also had a big sister Sumatra to keep him company when Ryan and Laura were at work. And I know Pecos brought a lot of joy and happiness to Ryan and Laura too.

Although Pecos may have had a rough start his first couple of months, he was very much a happy cat until his final days. He will be missed very much.


beastandbean said...

Oh man, what a sweet post. The pictures of Pecos and Sumatra together in happier days combined with your very touching prose made me more than a little verklempt.

I think Ryan said it best today when he said they will be lucky if they ever have a cat as cool as him again... :(

Anonymous said...


I have to say that is the sweetest and touching tribute to our man, Mr. Pecos. Although he was such a shy guy to strangers, he was such a love bug to the both of us. He never ceased to run out of affection. He would fetch balls, insist on sitting on top of you (not next to you), and he was always the first one to greet you at the door after at the end of a long day away from home.

We are so grateful that you introduced him into our lives. He was the man of the house when Ryan traveled and the very best companion a girl could ask for. I'm very fortunate to have had him in my life and will carry him in my heart forever.

Lots of love to you and Tim,