Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our 14-Mile Bike Ride

Okay, I preface this by saying that I'm not going to blog about every bike ride we go on. However, when we do something new and interesting, it's fair game. And today we hit a new milestone — a 14-mile ride!

Amy on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)
Amy on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)

I realize that for serious bikers, 14 miles ain't diddly squat. There are people who can do 100 miles a day. But for us out-of-shape, 39- and 40-year-olds who are more commonly seen in front of a computer screen, 14 miles is an accomplishment, let me tell ya.

Tim on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)
Tim on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)

Today we rode the Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail, which begins in Corona in Riverside County and continues 30 miles through Orange County. It ends at the ocean between Huntington and Newport Beach. We didn't make it to the beach today, but we made it seven miles to the 405 freeway before we decided to turn around and begin the return journey.

James on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)
James on our 14-mile bike ride. (09/07/2008)

Prior to that the best we did was on our local bike trail, which is four miles from beginning to end. Combine that with the one mile we bike from our house to the bike trail entrance, and our best to date was about 10 miles. So this beats our previous record by 40%. Not bad, eh?


Doris said...

Keep pedeling! Glad you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

14 miles??? you guys are gonna get all skinny and leave us in the dust. Guess we'd better break down and get a couple of bikes too! :)

Jendeeda said...

That is so excellent you guys. Biking is a blast and so far, you haven't mentioned falling yet so I assume that you haven't. That is superb riding indeed! (I tend to fall...often)

James said...

No falls yet, knock on wood. :)

Although I have to admit I've had some stops that were not so graceful. :)

TIM said...

This was a great ride but a very busy route. We made it 14 miles round trip but our next goal is to make it all the way down to the beach!