Monday, August 20, 2007

You Have to Believe We are Magic

Tonight we attended the third of the four-part Free for All Movie Mondays series. Tonight's film: the 1980 cult classic, Xanadu. This time we invited others to join us, and Scott and Jill took the bait.

Tonight's movie is ... (08/20/07)
Tonight's movie is ... (08/20/07)

For Scott, it was even more special since he had never seen Xanadu before. Jill hadn't seen it in 20+ years. Tim made me watch it about five years ago when he bought the DVD.

Scott, Jill and James get ready for the Xanadu experience. (08/20/07)
Scott, Jill and James get ready for the Xanadu experience. (08/20/07)

Tim and I definitely disagree about Olivia Newton-John musicals. I'm definitely all about Grease, which is like one of the best movies ever. Tim hates Grease and loves Xanadu (although I think Tim's hatred of Grease has more to do with his sister who would watch the videotape over and over again).

But I do appreciate Xanadu in that campy, cheesy sort-of way (kind of like red velvet cake), so it was a fun night.


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Can you say "GAY" boys and girls?


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Tom said...

Sounds like fun! You know, I have yet to see XANADU...guess I'll have to come with you guys next year. And as for calling Red Velvet cake cheesy?? For shame...anything that Martha Stewart makes on her show (and she has made Red Velvet cake plenty o'times!) is a class act all the way. I personally think it's kind of gross, but cheesy? Hell to the no!