Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Divine Revelation or Strange Coincidence?

Hand to God, this is a 100% true story! Tim, who out of the two of us is the earlier riser (if you can believe it), got me out of bed with these strange words: "There's a duck in our pool!"

A sign of things to come? (06/06/07)
A sign of things to come? (06/06/07)

Now we've seen many things in our pool. Crickets. Bees. Birds bathing. Even avocados that fell from the neighbor's tree. But never in the nearly six years we've lived here have we seen a duck! Tim even pulled out the camera to document this rare sighting.

Our Ducks take it home. (06/06/07) AP Photo/Chris Carlson
Our Ducks take it home. (06/06/07) AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Fade out. Fade in. It's approximately 12 hours later. And guess who wins the Stanley Cup in Game Five out of Seven? You guessed it. Our hometown team: The Anaheim Ducks.

Divine revelation or strange coincidence? You decide.


Tomas said...

Whew...thank God the Ducks won the Stanley Cup. Tim might have had a heart attack if he woke up and found a "Senator" in your pool! Yikes...

amy said...

OMG!!!! divine revelation FOR SURE!!! you ARE the chosen ones!

Shelley said...

Happy for you really, honestly I am... but come on!! Its about time the cup came home to Canada!!!

Doris said...

Wow a sports story on the James and Tim Blog, I must acknowledge it! Being a Sharks fan, I wish Tim had found one in the pool instead of the cute duck.