Sunday, February 18, 2007

One Crazy Cranium Showdown

There's a little known fact about our pals Dana and Eric. They are huge Cranium geeks. For the one person who hasn't heard of Cranium, it's a board game where you advance by doing a wide variety of tasks, like drawing things, sculpting things, answering trivia, solving word puzzles, acting out charades, imitating celebrities, or humming songs. So when Dana and Eric invited us to a Cranium party, we were there!

All teams were in the center at once, which is unheard of in Cranium. (02/17/07)
It was the closest game Dana has ever seen. (02/17/07)

Everybody brought an appetizer. So we made authentic Mexican guacamole, complete with authentic Mexican-style tortilla chips. Everything was delicious, although my all-time favorite had to go to Dana who made bacon-wrapped shrimp with pineapple. It was amazing!

We had met a lot of Dana and Eric's other friends at previous events. One of my favorites is Debbie, who is the definition of a party girl. I seriously want to take her to my 20th high school reunion later this year and introduce her as my wife. We'd be the talk of the reunion!

The dedicated team. (02/17/07)
The serious Cranium players. (02/17/07)

We were divided into four teams. Each, as it turned out, had a distinct personality. There was Dana's team, which included the serious Cranium players. They probably had the most competitive drive out of all the teams. They definitely played to win.

The confident team. (02/17/07)
The confident and cool ones. (02/17/07)

Debbie's team had a whole different vibe. They were confident and cool. They knew they were bad-asses, yet they didn't feel the need to show it off.

The naughty team. (02/17/07)
The trouble makers. (02/17/07)

Tim's team were the trouble makers of the bunch, mostly due to the combination of Tim and Dana's sister. They were the ones mooning the camera while Dana's team was actually concentrating on the game (I'm doing you fine blog readers a favor by not publishing that photo!).

The winning team! (02/17/07)
The winners! (02/17/07)

Finally there was Eric's team (my team), whom I'll simply refer to as the winners. :)

We had a blast! Thanks Dana and Eric for including us.

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