Monday, June 05, 2006

Disneyland Roses in Bloom

One of my favorite birthday gifts this year came from Jon and Amy: An official Disneyland Rose Bush, a rose variety developed especially for the Disneyland Resort. They ordered it from Jackson & Perkins, the plant's exclusive distributor. And the other day the very first roses opened up.

A close-up of James' Disneyland Rose. (6/5/06)

As the official rose of the Disneyland Resort, this variety steals the show at the Happiest Place on Earth with colorful blossoms blending every shade from pink to copper. It's so Disney, that even it's official name — JACmouse — pays homage to Disney's most enduring icon.

The official tag, shown the day of planting. (4/3/06)

It's actually my first rose bush, which you may find surprising since I love gardening so much (I think I'm part Hobbit). And so far I like it, although Tim (an old rose-growing pro from his Chino Hills days) has given me lots of good tips, like getting rid of the suckers.

What it looked like upon arrival. (4/3/06)

I also noticed a few aphids have already made the bush their home. So my solution was to buy some ladybugs from the hardware store and let them out on my Disneyland Rose. And as luck would have it, an hour later I didn't see a single ladybug left. Oh well, on to greener pastures I guess.

What it looks like now. (6/4/06)

Thanks Jon and Amy for such a fun gift!


Ginger said...

What a wonderfully unique gift - I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to come and visit. when will you guys be up north for a visit?

Butterfly Queen said...

After Princess Di died, I bought a rose bush named by her foundation in her honor, for my mom. It was so pretty. I never understood the rose frenziness, but my mom sure loved them.