Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dissed by Liza

Today was supposed to be the day we got Liza Minnelli to autograph her new DVD release of the Liza With a Z concert. But not being the most reliable of people, Liza postponed until May 6. Unfortunately we had already made the 45-mile drive to L.A. by the time we found out.

James poses with his new friend Michelle ... the only other person in line to get Liza to sign our DVDs. (04/22/06)

At the very least we made a new friend. Her name was Michelle, and she was the first person in line when we got there. She was one of those crazy Liza fans who goes to everything Liza does. Not at all like anyone I know. :)

It was boys' morning out, since Christine was in Louisville. I don't know why Tim is making that face either. (04/22/06)

Tom and Justin were supposed to meet us there, but were running late. So we called them and told them not to bother. But we did meet them for breakfast at IHOP before we headed back home.

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