Thursday, April 27, 2006

50 States

I'm sure a common question James & Tim Blog readers frequently ask themselves is, "how many of the 50 states have James and Tim been to?" Well, you now have your answer thanks to this cool design-your-own-map website we came across.

Tim's Map. Click the photo for a larger view. (As of 4/27/06)

Needless to say, Tim handily wins the contest between the two of us. I guess that's what happens when you have an RV in your family growing up. In fact, they drove from upstate New York (where Tim spent his first 15 years) to California three times, not to mention countless other regional trips.

James' Map. Click the photo for a larger view. (As of 4/27/06)

Incidentally, the lighter green states are the ones that we've only technically visited (i.e. a quick stopover while transferring flights, or a quick drive-through with minimal stops). For it to be colored dark green, it has to be an official visit, which involves at least three of the following four criteria:
  1. Spent the night
  2. Eaten a meal
  3. Visited a sightseeing attraction
  4. Spent at least $50
Thanks cousin Chrissie for helping me check Indiana off my list! :)


DAD said...

Tim has been in Montana, our second cross country trip. We exited the north exit of yellowstone national park and took a short drive into Corwin Springs and Miner MT. So he can color that one light green

Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool. whats the site?

Butterfly Queen said...

Cool map...where did you find it?