Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ahoy Pirates!

Shiver me timbers! There are pirates in Orange County! That is, if you go to the Pirates Dinner Adventure, one of those themed interactive dinner shows where they feed you and entertain you simultaneously. Our friend Everett set this event up. He's been seeing a new guy, Manny, and wanted to introduce him to his friends. And what better place to do it than a big pirate dinner adventure.

The pirate ship approacheth! (04/08/06)

The Pirates Dinner Adventure is similar to Medieval Times, only without the horses. (Click here to read the James & Tim Blog Medieval Times experience). One nice touch was that it was a musical, complete with original songs, something Medieval Times doesn't have. Besides that, it pretty much follows that basic formula ... each section has a different color, and you cheer for the person who represents your color.

We were in the purple group, and our pirate was Saxon, who was the smallest pirate of the bunch. Seriously, the guy was probably five-foot-three. We were kind of disappointed at first, but the guy was actually pretty ripped. And, as it turned out, he was the fastest pirate when it came to climbing the nets and scaffolding.

During the pre-show, the host (right) introduces Saxon, the Purple pirate. (04/08/06)

Inside the main theater was the primary pirate's galleon where most of the activities occurred. There were swordfights. Acrobatics. And lots of audience participation. And the food wasn't half bad either. Yet unlike Medieval Times, they actually give you silverware.

Inside the arena was a giant pirate ship where all the action took place. (04/08/06)

Afterward, the cast mingles with the audience and poses for photos, which is fun. Overall, we're really glad we went, although we probably wouldn't do it more than once. But it was fun. Thanks Everett for organizing!

Everett and Manny (right) pose with one of the show pirates (left). (04/08/06)

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