Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend with Lisa, Michele and Liele

We spent the weekend in Daly City with my cousins Michele & Lisa, and their six-month old daughter Liele (the one who was born on my birthday earlier this year). It was our first time meeting Liele in person.

Shel and Liele, wearing her "I Love My Uncle" bib. (08/21/05)

Just like her pictures promised, Liele was absolutely adorable. And she’s also a very good baby. I think the whole weekend I only heard her cry two or three times, and each time was really short.

Lisa and Liele enjoy a ride in the Saab — the first time we've ever had a baby seat inside. (8/20/05)

Saturday morning we went out to eat at a little mom and pop Mexican restaurant in South San Francisco called La Perla, where they had the best corn tortillas I’ve ever had. Normally I’m a flour guy. But if every corn tortilla was like the ones we ate at La Perla, I would definitely convert.

Michele got the menudo, while I got the pozole. And Tim got a dish that I’ve had at home many times, but never seen on a menu: chilaquiles. It’s a dish made with tortillas torn up into little bits, and then fried with cheese, chopped onion and enchilada sauce. I tried a bite, and they were pretty good. Not as good as when my dad makes them, but pretty good.

James smiles for the camera before starting on his big bowl of pozole. (08/20/05)

Afterward we went to our favorite panaderia (or Mexican bakery to white folks), which was only a block or two away. Tim loves going in and picking out all the pan dulce. I pretty much let him do all the picking so long as he gets me at least one oreja — my favorite kind (to anglos, it’s sometimes called a palm leaf).

Tim loves picking out pan dulce if it's not obvious from his expression. (08/20/05)

We also got to play with my cousin Ralphie’s new puppy Dozer (short for Bulldozer). Not more than six months old, this dog is the cutest thing ever. But being a half Australian Shepherd and half St. Bernard, Dozer will truly be a bulldozer in no time.

Dozer sticks his tongue out for the camera. (08/21/05)

It was a fun trip and a great chance to catch up with everybody. BTW, in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t see my dad and siblings this trip, it’s because they were in Mexico for the month of August.

Ralphie and Shel hold up their babies for a picture before heading back home to OC. (08/22/05)


Loren Javier said...

It was nice getting to meet Michele, Lisa, and Liele as you have written so much about them that I know who they are. :)

TIM said...

Ok, I look psychotic in that pic...