Monday, August 22, 2005

New DigiCam

For a while now we realized that our digital camera sucks. We’ve been having more and more problems with it lately.

For one, it doesn’t focus very well. You probably don’t notice it all that much in the blog photos, since I upload them at a pretty low resolution for faster page loading. But if you saw the high-res photos, you’d see what we mean.

The new camera ... not much bigger than my cell phone. Photo taken with our old camera. (08/05)

So we’ve been planning on buying a new camera sometime before our upcoming vacation in Canada at the end of September. We researched a bunch of different models and settled on the Canon SD400, a 5-megapixel camera known for its compact size and incredible picture quality.

Our first picture taken with our new camera ... doesn't Liele look like a Christmas ornament? (08/21/05)

Since we were right by Best Buy during the soccer match, we swung by and picked it up before heading back to San Francisco. The difference between the picture quality of our new camera and the old one is really amazing.

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Anonymous said...

that baby is soooooo adorable, i'd hang her on my tree.