Monday, August 22, 2005

Soccer Morning

While we were in the Bay Area, we planned on visiting my friend Laura and her daughters. Although they live in Santa Rosa, it turns out that Laura’s daughters Cindy and Mindy had a soccer tournament in the East Bay. Since we’d prefer driving to the East Bay than to Santa Rosa, it worked out for everyone.

James, Laura, Mindy and Cindy — before we noticed the guy with the sickening bandage. (08/21/05)

We started the visit with breakfast at Mimi’s CafĂ©, which was fun until I realized that a man in my direct view had a huge bandage on his head, which really grossed me out. Fortunately Laura offered to trade seats with me before I threw up. (Note to bandage wearers: Please don’t go out in public while wearing huge bandages on your head. Thank you.)

Tim and Laura play "Name That Ringer." Despite the sunny appearance, it was freezing outside. (08/21/05)

Afterwards we headed to the soccer field where we watched the girls win their third consecutive game, putting their team in the finalist position. Well, we watched as much as we could. Most of the time we were talking with Laura about the drama going on in her life (and there’s a lot of it).

2nd place champions Mindy and Cindy. (08/21/05)

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to see the championship game, but it’s probably just as well, since the girls ended up losing it. Oh well, second place isn’t bad! :)


Anonymous said...

woah! cindy was the little girl that was basically all over me when i met her? back when i had my blue hair, of course. wow.. time sure has flown by.


Laura Gonzalez said...

Oh, hey, I remember you!

Laura Gonzalez said...

Nice picture of me in the chair. NOT!

Anonymous said...

you have got the weakest stomach. you should be glad i didn't let lisa video the c-section and then make you watch it.

TIM said...

I felt like such a hetero breeder that day!