Thursday, August 28, 2008

James & Tim: Mountain Bikers

In our effort to get a little more exercise, Tim and I just purchased a couple of mountain bikes. It probably sounds a little out of character for us, since we haven't exactly been Mr. and Mr. Weekend Warrior or anything. But we've began appreciating outdoor recreational activities a little more since our trip to Colorado last month, where we surprisingly enjoyed things like hiking and white water rafting.

Tim takes his new mountain bike for a spin. (08/27/2008)
Tim takes his new mountain bike for a spin. (08/27/2008)

It turns out there's a really cool cars-not-allowed bike path about a mile from our house, so biking seemed the perfect fit. The other reason we chose biking was because we both already knew how to ride a bike (compared to say, surfing or mountain climbing, which would require a lot more instruction before we could do it).

We knew we were going to ride a combination of road and trails, so we opted for mountain bikes instead of road bikes, since you can ride a mountain bike on the road, but not vice versa. We got them at Orange Cycle, a cute little family-owned store that's been been peddling bikes (pun intended) in old towne Orange since 1969. They were really nice there; we highly recommend that store.

We found a bike for Tim in stock, but they had to special order mine since they don't stock too many size 15 mountain bikes (meant for short people like me). The day we picked mine up, we rode them home (just over 3 miles). It's taking me a little time to get used to the gear shifting, since the bicycle I rode as a kid had no gears, but I'm catching on.

James on his new mountain bike. (08/27/2008)
James on his new mountain bike. (08/27/2008)

Yesterday after work we went out on the bike trail and it was a lot of fun. We were surprised at how far we were able to get in a short amount of time. I definitely look forward to doing it more.

BTW, how lame is this? In all my 39 years, I never knew that bicycle shorts had a pad inside. All this time, I just thought bicycle shorts were tight lycra shorts and nothing more. It never even dawned on me that they had a pad for your nacho (the little area that, as they say, is "nacho ass, and nacho balls.") But let's just say that extra padding is a very welcome thing after you've been sitting on that hard seat a while.

So if anyone wants to go riding, let us know!


Doris said...

cool, another rare sports story! can you provide info on the bikes? Tim's appears to have disc brakes but i cannot tell much else. What is the make and model?
hurry up with the pavement then get out to some off-road riding! congratulations and have fun!

Doris said...

i did some investigative work and it looks like you have Specialized Rockhopper disc models. nice bikes!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Sounds like a lot of fun, but my stomach is still churning a bit from reading the words "nacho ass and nacho balls"! :0

Jon said...

Sweet! You've motivated me to clean my bike and check the tires. Looking forward to a group ride. Let me know what you learn about the right brand of padded underwear.

James said...

Doris - How did you know?

Yeah, we each have the Specialized Rock Hopper. They were available with standard or disc brakes (the difference was $100, but everyone we asked said we'd be a lot happier with the disc brakes).

We have the same model, except Tim's is black and mine's yellow, and the size is different (17 for Tim, 15 for me).

James said...

Oh ... one more thing Doris, the reason we got these models was because they have the road/trail lockout feature, so that we have more shock absorption on trails, and more stability on roads. So it was the best of both worlds.