Sunday, May 06, 2007

Visiting the Cousins

I did stop and see my cousins Michele and Ralphie after Fiddler on the Roof. Ralphie seemed in pretty good shape for having just been hospitalized for a couple of weeks. He still has some health issues he's facing, but the improvement to date is incredible when you consider he came seriously close to dying.

Liele and Uncle Ralphie. (5/6/07)
Liele and Uncle Ralphie. (5/6/07)

I was also there to pick up Liele's crib that Michele kindly gave to my dad and Malena for the upcoming baby, now that Liele is getting bigger. Liele cracked me up. She didn't want me to take the crib. I kept trying to tell her that now that she's a big girl with a regular bed, it's time to give the crib to the babies. But she still wasn't happy about it. It was cute.

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