Sunday, December 10, 2006

Darn that Julie Andrews

A couple of months ago we purchased tickets to a benefit concert at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood called "Honoring Julie Andrews." It had a line-up of Broadway stars who were all going to sing songs that Julie Andrews made famous (since Dame Andrews no longer actually sings herself due to her throat surgery gone wrong). And one would expect Ms. Andrews to also be there.

It would have been a nice show. (12/06)
It would have been a nice show. (12/06)

They do these tribute shows quite often in Los Angeles. They're almost always taped to be turned into TV specials. And the Julie Andrews event was supposed to be tonight. But unfortunately we got a notice last month that the event was permanently canceled.

Although Ticketmaster refunded the cost of the tickets, it really ruffles my feathers that the $7.50 processing fee was non-refundable. Thanks a lot Ticketmaster and Julie Andrews! :(

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Butterfly Queen said...

I hate the convenience charge Ticketmaster taps on - how is it convenient? TicketMaster is pretty much the only way to buy tickets now so perhaps it should be renamed the monopoly charge...or the taking it up the a** charge...