Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas in Laughlin — Day Three

On this, our last full day in Laughlin, we had Christmas breakfast at the Flamingo, in the buffet overlooking the Colorado River, which was pretty good.

Jon, Amy, Tim and I try our luck again at the Star Wars machines at the Ramada Express. (12/25/05)

After breakfast, we headed to the Ramada Express for some gambling. We chose the Ramada Express because Jon and I wanted to see the patriotic movie that they play every hour (although it turned out to be closed due to a private function). Plus they have a free train ride.

We took a Christmas day train ride at the Ramada Express. (12/25/05)

After some slot machine play (mostly TV- or movie-themed penny machines) and the free train ride, we all got into the car and drove to see Tim's family.

While riding the train, Mr. Hanky made his annual Christmas appearance. (12/25/05)

Tim's mom made an excellent spaghetti dinner. We even convinced Tim's grandma to join us. It was nice to finally let our friends meet Tim's family, which they've never had a chance to do. Joe particularly liked their dog, Pudgy. He even took Pudgy for a walk (or vice versa).

We closed the night with a very competitive round of Nine Holes of Golf, one of our favorite card games. It was a blast.

Smoking one of the Partagas cigars we got at the nearby Indian reservation. (12/25/05)

Afterwards, we headed back to Laughlin where we gambled a little more, and where Jon and I smoked our Partagas cigars that we picked up at the nearby Indian reservation. Afterward we did a little more gambling where I gave about $20 of my winnings back to the casinos. No biggie. I still walked out with $160+ in winnings, which made for a very Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hanky?

Hmmmmm ...

Cousin Anita

Laura Gonzalez said...

Mr. Hanky looks like a piece of shit. Literally.