Saturday, February 26, 2005

Welcome to the James & Tim Blog!

We’ve finally decided to join the 21st century and start our own Blog! (Technically, I decided to start our own Blog — Tim just rolled his eyes when I brought it up, thinking it’s just another one of my cockamamie projects that I get excited about one minute and abandon the next). :-)

James & Tim, Catalina Island. (08/01/03)

Why a blog? The answer (for me, anyway) is convenience. Due to my family’s formidable reproductive skills, keeping the swelling tidal wave of relatives up to date on our activities has become increasingly challenging. Besides, my other approach (i.e. the terse Christmas card once a year and the occasional e-mail) hasn’t been very effective.

For Tim — whose family consists of two parents, two grandmas, one sister, one nephew, three aunts and only two first cousins (which I find mind-boggling) — it’s a little easier. But why not just come along for the ride?

So now that we established all that … what follows is the latest on what we’ve been up to.


TIM said...

Ok. We all know James is an editor and a very good writer. I'm, not so much. I write like I talk. So, James will most likely be doing all the posting here. But I will stick my nose in once in a while and hopefully say something impressive. Hope you enjoy this, look forward to your comments. :)

Laura Gonzalez said...


Jon LeSage said...

Wow, pretty impressive. A new roommate and a spiffy car all in one newsletter. Hey one question, though: I keep hearing this noise in the background, sort of like a drumroll. Is that intentional? If so, might I suggest you turn off that feature - a bit annoying. Otherwise, kudos!

Dad said...

Good job on the Blog James! We're looking forward to go visit sometime late this year.

Cogratulations on your new car, and household member,

I guess you really appreciated your "Birgitta" after driving my "blue Tempo" jajaja
Love, Dad

Jon LeSage said...

Update: I think the noise came from a pop-up ad. Problem resolved. Keep up the good work!

Shel said...

Great Blog!!
Fun to hear what are the happenings in your lives. Way cool car. Can't wait to go for a ride, hope the interior is leather, easy clean up from little spit ups. (ha ha) Hope to you 2 real soon. Miss You!