Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Family Visit

Earlier this month we traveled to the Bay Area for my cousin Michele and Lisa’s baby “shower.” Technically, it was more of a baby “downpour!” I’ve never seen so many people at a shower in my life. There were probably 80-90 people there (they had to rent a local Foreign Legion hall, and everything). You should have seen the pile of gifts … it took 3 cars just to get them back to their house.

We had a great time, however. Tim even walked away with a prize by collecting the most pacifier pendants. Everyone received one at the beginning of the party, and the rule was, anytime you heard someone say the word “baby,” you could steal their pacifier pendant(s). Needless to say, Tim has a good set of ears!

Tim and JP having fun. (02/06/05)

We stayed at my dad’s house where we spent a lot of time with my new little sister and brother. For the handful of you that don’t already know, I officially became a big brother last April when my dad and his wife Malena gave birth to John Paul (aka “JP”). Yep, after 35 years of holding the "baby of the family" flame, JP took the title and immediately relegated me to middle child (I feel your pain, Jan Brady!). =)

Anna all dressed for another day at Kindergarten. (02/07/05)

Needless to say, JP and “big” sis Anna (age 5-and-a-half) have added lots of joy to our family.

That weekend was also Superbowl Sunday, which marked our 8th anniversary. To celebrate, we enjoyed a really-expensive breakfast buffet at the Fairmont hotel in San Jose with friends Doris & Jenn, spent some time at the Egyptian museum in San Jose, and then visited my mom’s oldest sister Aunt Nicky, her friends Margaret and Auggie and their 2 dogs.

Also on that trip, my dad, Tim, Anna and I took flowers to my mom at the cemetery in honor of what would have been my mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary (February 10 — the same wedding day as her mom and dad’s). It was a nice little memorial.

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