Saturday, December 25, 2010

Early Mexico Slides Gaining Fans

When I started scanning my dad's old slides from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, at first it was an effort to digitally preserve them for our family to see again. I don't think my dad has had a functioning slide projector for decades and was worried the slides would deteriorate. But I've been surprised about some of the attention other people have paid to his photography (like when some of his slides were published in a book).
Most recently, his photos were highlighted in The Mexile, a blog written by Gary Denness, a Brit living in Mexico City who has a passion for photography. In his post, Mexico's Golden Age, Dennis writes of how old color photos from this era offer a detail that black and white doesn't bring out, and thought they were too good not to share.

Check out the sets from my dad's 1957 trip to Mexico and 1960 visits to Mexico City, Totatiche and Acapulco.

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Gary Denness said...

They are great photos. I think our parents and grandparents photos are something that more people should take an interest in.