Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays from James & Tim's Blog

Breaking news: James & Tim's Blog is alive! Not that you can tell by the frequency of blog posts lately. I've been concentrating on other projects as of late, like organizing and backing up our digital photo library (and we have thousands), or our continuing effort to digitize our family's old slides, like these I scanned today that seemed rather timely.

James (in blue) & Robert throw snowballs as our dad watches. (12/1971)
James (in blue) & Robert throw snowballs as our dad watches. (12/1971)

According to the writing on the box, these snapshots were taken in December 1971 when we drove our 1969 Country Squire Station Wagon to Chicago to spend Christmas with relatives. I'm almost certain that this was the first time I had ever seen snow in person. You can see the delight in my face as I tossed snow balls towards my Mom who was taking the photo.

That was the first and last time we drove to Chicago for Christmas. My dad said the drive home was horrible. It was 14 below and in the middle of a storm. My dad was afraid to turn off the engine, for fear the car wouldn't start again (even filling the gas tank while the car ran). It wasn't until we arrived in Wyoming that we eventually turned the engine off.

I think this was my first time playing in snow. (12/1971)
I think this was my first time playing in snow. (12/1971)

He said the only way he knew he was still on the freeway was because of the poles at the edge of the road that extended above the snow. My brother and I were bundled up inside our coats, inside two sleeping bags, and even with the heater on full blast, we kept complaining about being cold. No wonder we never made that trip again!

In the meantime, enjoy the pics and keep tuned into James & Tim's Blog for new content soon.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, those pictures are so awesome!! Also love the story behind them...the description of you two bundled up in the backseat is classic! Very descriptive...I could almost smell that car heater! :)

Also, great to have a new post to read! Yay!!