Sunday, June 15, 2008

Five Bucks a Gallon Coming Soon?

According to a recent poll by the CNN/Opinion Research Corp., 78% of respondents expect they will have to pay $5 for a gallon of gas by the end of the year. Well I've got some news for you. Five-dollar-a-gallon gasoline is already here!

$5.19 for regular at this Mobil station in Needles, CA. (06/15/2008)
$5.19 for regular at this Mobil station in Needles, CA. (06/15/2008)

Over the weekend we went to the desert to visit Tim's family for Father's Day. While there, we found a couple of gas stations in Needles, CA charging $5.19 for a gallon of regular. Ouch! Thankfully that's still the exception and not the rule. But how long will that be the case?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Floods, fires, five dollar a gallon gas...the end of days are truly upon us my friend...

Anonymous said...

Wow, dude...this is one old-ass post. The price of gas has risen about fifteen times since you last blogged...time to write about something new, brother! :)

Ha, just kidding! Actually the gas at my favorite local place has gone a bit since you last blogged in mid June, so...yeah!

James said...

Yeah, I've been behind the times on my blogging. Thanks for the prod.