Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Surprise Houseguest

Look what the cleaning ladies found in our house today when they moved my floor lamp to dust the corners? I wasn't home when it happened, but Tim was. He heard one of the cleaning ladies react to something. Next thing he knew, she came rushing in to alert Tim.

The uninvited guest. (04/04/07)
The uninvited guest. (04/04/07)

To fully comprehend the humor of the situation, you have to understand that our cleaning ladies speak little, if any English. And Tim speaks little, if any Spanish. I guess she didn't know how to say "lizard" and all she could get out was "Animal! Animal!"

Tim was like, WTF? What animal is she talking about?! So he went to check it out and came face to face with this little guy. After snapping a pic for the blog, he gently cajoled the little lizard into a box, after which Tim took him back to his hood in the back yard.

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